Reach Your New Years Goals with Premier Cosmetics

With every new year, a lot of people tend to make New Year’s goals or resolutions. Sometimes, this involves getting a new car, saving more money for the future, or exercising more to reach a personal goal. Sometimes, these goals can be a little harder to reach than they seem and might need some outside assistance. Plastic surgery is an option to assist you! Premier Cosmetic Surgery is here to help you reach your cosmetic goals. From eyelid surgery to liposuction, our plastic surgeons in Delaware are here to help.

Services We Offer

No matter what your goals are, the best plastic surgeons in Delaware have services for the face, breast, and body that can help you meet them easily.

Face and Head

It’s important to make an informed decision when getting cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the procedures we offer for the face.


There are a few different types of breast plastic surgeries. These procedures can help give women a more aesthetically pleasing look and boost their self-esteem. All breast cosmetic surgeries are performed by plastic surgeon Delaware Dr. Roussalis.


Our body procedures are for areas of your body that you’re feeling self-conscious about or you would like to reposition, tighten, or reshape. These procedures can help you lose the last little bit of weight or fat that you’re looking to lose. You can talk to your plastic surgeon Delaware

Premier Cosmetic Surgery | Plastic Surgeons in Delaware

Plastic surgery options are available for those that are self-conscious about a certain area of their body or face or would just like to achieve some of their cosmetic goals. Premier Cosmetic Surgery offers different procedures and services to help you do so. Our professional plastic surgeons in Delaware will meet with you to make sure you’re making an informed decision, including procedure steps, after-care, and more. To learn more about our clinic, please visit our website.