What’s the Difference?: Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Procedures

As your specialists in cosmetic surgery Delaware, our team at Premier Cosmetic Surgery wants our clients to fully understand the difference between non-surgical and surgical procedures. You may have heard the phrase “going under the knife” commonly associated with plastic surgery, but in some cases, you don’t really have to go under the knife. Our Premier Cosmetic specialists are here to educate you on the difference between non-surgical and surgical procedures and which option is right for you. 


Having a non-surgical procedure just means that it will not require actual incisions of any kind. These procedures are non-invasive and generally have quicker recovery times than surgical procedures. Premier Cosmetic Surgery offers a number of non-invasive procedures including laser hair removal, dermal fillers, and chemical peels. 

Although non-surgical procedures are less drastic than actual surgeries, they can still work wonders in turning back the clock and erasing signs of aging. For instance, if you are simply wanting to soften your features, then Botox Cosmetic injections can improve moderate to severe frown lines and wrinkles. On the other end of the spectrum, a facelift procedure would produce more extreme results by surgically tightening muscles, removing fat, and trimming excess skin. 


Our doctors in cosmetic surgery Delaware have the training and experience to perform surgical procedures that will bring out your absolute best attributes. If your desire is to make a more significant change in your physical appearance, then a surgical procedure is probably your best option. While cosmetic surgeries have a long history of being performed, there are still ways to customize your cosmetic procedure based on your personal preferences. Our exceptional cosmetic surgery team at Premier Cosmetic Surgery has developed programs that combine some of the most popular procedures in ways that accommodate people’s specific needs. 

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Ultimately, it is dependent upon a patient’s personal preference as to whether they want to pursue a non-surgical or surgical procedure. Remember that the results of non-invasive procedures are typically more subtle, so you could always use one of these as a stepping stone for a future surgical procedure. 

Either way, whether you go the non-surgical or surgical route, you must carefully consider the credentials of the cosmetic surgeon. Our doctors in cosmetic surgery Delaware, including Dr. John Roussalis, M.D., are board-certified and are committed to providing specialized care with safety and competence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at Premier Cosmetic Surgery!