What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear on Surgery Day

When getting ready for plastic surgery, it is important to consider what you wear. Not only for comfort and convenience but also for safety reasons and to help your team of plastic surgeons in Delaware perform more accurate and efficient procedures. Here is what you should and shouldn’t wear when getting surgery at Premier Cosmetic Surgery.

What to Wear on Surgery Day

Loose and Comfortable Clothing

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and take off. Tight clothes restrict blood flow and cause discomfort during and after surgery. Depending on your surgery, your Delaware plastic surgeon might request that you wear shorts or specific undergarments for cosmetic procedures.

Flat and Closed-Toed Shoes

You should wear flat, closed-toed shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Avoid shoes with laces or straps, as they can be difficult to put on or take off after surgery. Closed-toed shoes will protect your feet from injury and prevent you from slipping.

Easy-to-Remove Shirt or Top

When it comes to getting plastic surgery, your plastic surgeons in Delaware recommend wearing a shirt that is easy to remove without lifting it over your head. A button-up or zip-up shirt limits movement after a facial or abdominal procedure and allows you to remove your clothing without putting too much pressure or strain on the surgical site.

What Not to Wear on Surgery Day


You should not wear jewelry or accessories on surgery day, including

  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Piercings

Jewelry can interfere with medical equipment and increase the risk of infection. If you have questions about certain piercings or jewelry, ask your Delaware plastic surgeon before surgery day.

Contact Lenses

You should not wear contact lenses on surgery day. Instead, wear glasses or bring a case for your contacts. Contact lenses can dry out and cause discomfort during surgery. They can also interfere with anesthesia and cause eye irritation.

Makeup and Nail Polish

You should not wear makeup or nail polish on surgery day. These products can interfere with anesthesia monitoring, checking for circulation, and sanitation. If you wear nail polish, it may need to be removed from one or two fingers to monitor oxygen levels.

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When preparing for surgery, it is important to wear appropriate clothing for your comfort and to allow the procedure and recovery to go more smoothly. By following these guidelines, you ensure a safe and comfortable surgery experience. To learn more about our services, tips, and tricks for surgery preparation and recovery, and more about our plastic surgeons in Delaware, contact Premier Cosmetic Surgery today!