What to Know About Neck Lifts

Throughout the years, your body, face, and skin change. From gravity to sun exposure, there are a variety of reasons your body changes and ages, leaving you feeling in need of a bit of revitalizing. The plastic surgeons in Delaware at Premier Cosmetic Surgery offer many different procedures and surgeries to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. One of the procedures we provide is a neck lift.


Your neck area is one of the many different areas that can drastically change as you age. However, there is a procedure that can help liven up the skin and muscles in the neck area or get rid of a double chin. A neck lift, also called a Platysmaplasty, removes excess skin and fat from your neck. Premier Cosmetic Surgery can perform this procedure to help boost your self-esteem. Our plastic surgeons in Delaware can perform this procedure right here in our office!


The first step is a consultation with your plastic surgeon Delaware. They will talk to you about your expectations about the procedure, steps, and aftercare.

On the day of the procedure, one of our plastic surgeons in Delaware will administer the anesthesia, which includes intravenous and general anesthesia. Then, they will mark where they will make the incisions, which will differ depending on the amount of change you have decided on. Skin is then removed from the area and liposuction can be done to remove excess fat. Stitches or skin adhesive is used to close the incisions.

Post Surgery

After the surgery, swelling, and bruising may occur but will subside. It should take about 4-6 weeks to fully recover, but it could take less time depending on the patient and the surgery. Your plastic surgeon Delaware can answer any questions that you may have about this and our other procedures. You can return to work a week after your surgery as long as you remain cautious. It’s recommended to wait 3-4 weeks after surgery to return to strenuous activity including exercise.

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