What to Expect on the Day of Plastic Surgery

The day is finally here. It’s the day of your plastic surgery. Along with a sense of anticipation, we understand that you may feel slightly nervous for the surgery despite having all your questions answered during consultation. Here is a quick walkthrough on what to expect during your Delaware plastic surgery procedure at Premier Cosmetic Surgery.

  1. On arrival at the surgical center in Newark DE, you will be taken to a private examination room to prepare you for cosmetic surgery. Here, your surgeon will answer any additional questions you may have about the procedure.
  2. Before the procedure is performed, the surgeon usually makes markings on the patient’s face or body. These markings guide the plastic surgeon to ensure a look that is natural and tailored for your body. Discussions on your treatment plan will take place while the doctor is marking your procedure area. 
  3. Depending on the procedure you may or may not be sedated by an anesthetist. Check with your surgeon beforehand so that you can discuss your ideal plan. 
  4. The duration of the surgery will vary depending on what work you are getting done. No need to worry though, because you are in great hands with your premier cosmetic surgery provider!
  5. Medication plans may be discussed post operation. The doctor will prescribe you with the appropriate dosage for your Delaware plastic surgery procedure.
  6. Following the procedure, a caregiver may be allotted to you in Newark DE for the next 24 hours to provide you with any post-surgery care you may require. 
  7. Follow up appointments should be scheduled with the surgeon to remove any sutures that were added during surgery. These follow ups are also great for tracking your healing progress.

Premier Cosmetic Surgery DE | Delaware

At Premier Cosmetic Surgery DE, we understand your nerves leading up to a procedure. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. To ensure this, we want to provide you with as much information as we can focusing on what to expect pre-op, during the procedure, and post-op for your Delaware plastic surgery experience. Visit our website to learn more about ways in which we can help you achieve your body goals today with the top plastic surgeons in Delaware!