What Is The Importance of Compression Post-Surgery?

After your surgical procedure, your doctor may recommend that you wear compression garments. Compression garments apply external pressure on the area of the body where incisions were made. This pressure helps promote healing and reduce swelling. 

There are various kinds of compression garments available depending on the kind of surgery. 

They can come in the form of full form garments, sleeve garments, tops, and more. Typically worn for a period of up to six weeks after surgery, the kind of compression garment you need depends on your surgical procedure. You can learn more about compression garments at Premier Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgery Delaware.

Why Do You Need To Wear Compression Garments?

Your post-surgical compression garment plays various roles. Pain associated with post-surgical procedures can be controlled to an extent, swelling and bruises go down faster, and visible scarring is reduced.

With a compression garment, you can return to work faster. The compression garment applies consistent pressure to the area of incision. This works in various ways, take for example how they reduce swelling.

After your cosmetic surgery Delaware procedure, your body will send fluid to the areas of incision. When the fluid gathers under the skin, the area can appear swollen. This fluid buildup can also result in bruising and scarring. A compression garment prevents this from happening by reducing swelling.

The compression garment also prevents infections at the site of surgery. Since the area is constantly covered and protected, foreign bodies can’t infect the area of incision. After your plastic surgery Delaware, your surgeon will recommend the kind of compression garment you should wear.

Aside from applying external pressure, the compression garment also promotes blood circulation in the area. This also aids in the healing process. Without a compression garment, the amount of time you need to recover from your surgery can be much longer. 

Finally, a compression garment can also be used to help keep the area in shape. After your surgery, the compression garment applies consistent pressure to the area and doesn’t allow for movement. This keeps your plastic surgery Delaware procedure in shape, and helps sculpt your new contours.

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