Top Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

You’ve finally decided to get a rhinoplasty to correct the symmetry of your nose, or perhaps you have decided to get a tummy tuck or thigh lift. How do you prepare for your cosmetic surgery Newark DE? Before you meet your surgeon, you need to keep an open mind and have an idea of what you want. Do adequate research on the procedure you plan to have so that you can ask the right questions and be informed. If you have inhibitions and concerns about a part of the procedure, discuss them with your surgeon during your consultation. 

We have compiled the top questions to ask your plastic surgeon prior to your cosmetic surgery Newark DE

  • Which procedure is recommended for me? 
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure? Do I need to do anything to become a good candidate for this procedure, such as lose weight or change things about my lifestyle? 
  • Can I see some before and after pictures for this procedure? Besides seeing the results, you will understand the doctor’s aesthetic.
  • Where will the procedure be carried out? 
  • Can you break down the cost of the cosmetic surgery Newark DE
  • What kind of pre-op work is required? Ask about the kinds of tests that will be performed on you before the surgery.
  • How will you perform my procedure?
  • Will I receive instructions for post-op care? 
  • What is the usual length of the recovery period? While minimally invasive procedures enable you to get back to work quickly, some procedures require at least a couple of days of downtime.
  • Should I avoid certain kinds of activity while I recover? 
  • What kind of assistance will I require while I recover?
  • Will I need any follow-up appointments? 
  • What risks and complications are associated with this procedure? 
  • What will you do in case of complications? 

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