Splits Happen: The Rundown on Split Earlobe Repair

Whether it was an over-enthusiastic child, gauges gone wrong, or an unfortunate snag on a sweater, splits happen. Not only can a split earlobe be incredibly painful, but it can also be a source of shame. Keep calm and rest assured your search for ear lobe split repair near me is over. Our cosmetic surgeons are qualified and ready to help combat this. Let’s go over some of the common causes of ear lobe splits and how with our split ear lobe repair services, we can get you back to your old self.

What Causes Them

Common reasons we see individuals come in for a split earlobe repair are…

  • accidental pulling/catching of the earring
  • chronic pulling from heavy earrings
  • sleeping in earrings
  • poor piercing placement
  • gauging complications

What We Can Do

At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, Delaware cosmetic surgery, we can perform your split earlobe repair right here in-office. We’ll go over any health issues or medications that could affect your procedure upon arrival. These could be things like smoking, diabetes, and blood thinners. We’ll then inspect your ear to determine whether your case requires a simple closure or a more in-depth reconstruction. With the latter, we will remove a small amount of damaged tissue near your tear. Since the skin here has been stretched beyond its limits, this allows for the newly exposed healthy tissue to fuse together easier. If you’re interested in getting your ears re-pierced this extra step also makes sure the skin is thick and healthy enough to support an earring. We’ll close your split together with sutures, to help support quick growth and fusing. If you’re worried about pain, relax! Nearly all split earlobe repairs are done under local anesthesia. After one week you can come back for suture removal. If you’re thinking of getting your ears pierced again, we’ll do it for free! Just come back in six to eight weeks and bring your earrings of choice. You don’t want just anyone piercing your ears this time!

What to Know Moving Forward

After your split earlobe repair, you’ll come back to our office to have your sutures removed. Typically this is around day five or six of your healing journey. You’ll most likely have a small scar, usually in the form of a line, around your closure. The redness of your scar and closure will fade over time. However, if you’re concerned about scarring, our Delaware cosmetic surgery office also offers scar revision. We understand you may be excited to show off your style once again with ear accessories, but be patient! You should wait at least six to eight weeks before attempting to re-pierce your ears to avoid re-tearing and allow proper healing. When you do re-pierce or re-gauge your ears, we recommend using at least a 14k gold earring, as they are less prone to causing irritation to your new sensitive earlobes. Make sure that your new piercing is not placed in the same location as your old piercing, as your skin there is now weaker and likely won’t be able to support it. We recommend piercing just above or below your old location. If you still can’t keep yourself away from larger earrings, be sure to watch how long you wear them. It may also be helpful to try to find lightweight options like 14k gold studs.

Premier Cosmetic Surgery | Delaware Cosmetic Surgery

We know having a split earlobe can take a toll on your confidence, that’s why our cosmetic surgeons are dedicated to making sure your split earlobe repair will last. Ready to get back to showing off your style with ear accessories? Contact us to see what our Delaware cosmetic surgery office can do for you. If you suffer from other ear-related issues like protruding ears, our office also offers otoplasty or ear reshaping. Whatever your aesthetic concern may be, we’re here to help. Take the first step in your body confidence journey and contact us today!