Sculptra: More Than Just Another Filler

As we age, our body’s production of collagen slows, creating wrinkles, dark spots, and sunken cheeks. Fortunately, cosmetic science has evolved to the point where we are able to remedy these issues. While there are many different options when it comes to anti-aging, fillers are known for yielding the best results. However, not all fillers are created equal! Unlike other fillers, Sculptra doesn’t just fill in areas lacking collagen-it produces it. From Premier Cosmetic Surgery, Delaware plastic surgery, here’s the lowdown on Sculptra.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a filler made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), Sculptra is a man-made form of an existing, naturally-occurring substance in our bodies. When injected beneath the skin by our best plastic surgeon Delaware, it causes the body to produce more collagen. The new collagen produced by your body then works to restore volume to areas that have been affected by aging.

What Makes Sculptra Different?

Sculptra is different from other fillers on the market because it does not provide an immediate fix. Instead, it works gradually over time as your body produces more collagen. Because of this, Sculptra is sometimes called the “liquid facelift” since the results are similar to those of a facelift without Delaware plastic surgery or downtime. Results can last up to two years with Sculptra, though touch-ups may be necessary to maintain optimum results.

How is Sculptra Injected?

Sculptra is injected beneath the skin using a fine needle. A local anesthetic like lidocaine may be used by our Delaware plastic surgery office to numb the injection site. Our top plastic surgeons in Delaware will discuss problem areas with you to determine the exact location. As far as the number of injections you will receive, this will depend on how many areas are being treated, your budget, and the extent of volume loss.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

After your Sculptra session, you may experience some redness, swelling, bruising, or pain at the injection site. These side effects are typically mild and resolve within a few days to a week. You will be able to see immediate results after your first treatment session but remember that these will be temporary. As your body continues to produce more collagen, your Delaware plastic surgery results will gradually become more visible. With Sculptra, patience is key!

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We hope this blog has helped you understand Sculptra and its process more! If you are considering adding Sculptra to your anti-aging regimen, understanding how it works is crucial before deciding if it’s the right treatment for you. Looking for cosmetic surgery near me? Premier Cosmetic Surgery, can help. Our board-certified physicians are some of the best plastic surgeons in Delaware. If you’re ready for results that last, contact our Delaware plastic surgery office today!