A Little Nosey | Rhinophyma

Dr. Paul Sabini, has been performing surgical and non-surgical treatment on patients for years. Facial surgery remains one of his passions, and each year he takes a trip to Quito with a team of volunteers to treat children with facial and congenital deformities. As a collaborator, Dr. Sabini has gained experience using the most advanced scientific and artistic techniques in facial plastic surgery today. Over half a dozen medical journals have published his work over the years, making him an experienced, thoughtful choice for your individual needs.

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Rhinophyma is a severe form of rosacea that can become downright debilitating, and embarrassing for some. The nose become bulbous, red and inflamed and can continue to grow beyond the typical bounds of noses. The appearance is or can be quite distorted and painful which includes thickening of the skin and increase in oil glands. Many things are known to trigger rhinophyma such as overexposure to sunlight, alcohol, spicy foods and alcohol. Paul Sabini MD is your go to plastic surgeon in Wilmington, DE & surrounding areas.

In most cases surgery is required to reshape the nose and return it to its original size and shape. There are a few options depending on the patients individual need.

  • Laser
  • Scalpel
  • Dermabrasion


“Experts also recommend a healthy skin care routine for individuals with rosacea regardless of the subtype. This includes:

  • regular sunscreen use with SPF 15 or higher and UVA/UVB protection
  • sensitive skin or hypoallergenic skin moisturizer
  • proper eye care when needed such as artificial tears and safe cleansing

Educating yourself and others about the cause of rosacea or rhinophyma may help remove social stigmas around the disorder. Support groups and networks can connect you with others who have rosacea. They may offer information about coping with the physical and emotional effects of the disorder.” via Healthline

In any of the above cases, a consultation is necessary in order to determine which course of action is best suited for you! Contact us to set up an appointment and we’ll proceed. Here is a before and after phototo examine as well. 302.998.8007