How to Sleep After Plastic Surgery

All types of surgery can take their toll physically, even plastic surgery. Quality sleep and rest are essential to the healing process. However, sleeping comfortably and safely can become complicated after surgery. Understanding the importance of safe sleep after surgery, Premier Cosmetic Surgery works to educate patients about the best sleep practices after plastic surgery Delaware.

Why is sleep important to the recovery process?

Sleep plays a role in our everyday lives. An unpleasant night’s sleep impacts our mood, concentration, and ability to work the next day. Surgery causes the body stress, which sleep can help the body heal from. Quality sleep after surgery can:

  • Reduce pain
  • Protect incision sites
  • Improve mood
  • Minimize swelling and bruising

The effort put in by your body while you sleep is crucial to the healing process.

Stay Elevated

Doctors almost always recommend sleeping on your back in an elevated and reclined position after plastic surgery. Sleeping elevated can reduce the strain on the body when reaching for things. In addition, supplies needed for safe sleep after cosmetic surgery Delaware should be kept in areas that do not require strenuous movements such as stretching to reach something or pulling heavy doors or containers open.


Sleeping on your side is generally not recommended after most types of surgery. After plastic surgery Delaware, there can be swelling, bruising, discomfort, and sometimes pain in the surgery area. Side-sleeping can cause any side effects to worsen. While you sleep, your body is actively healing you. Side-sleeping can cause back, spine, and hip discomfort and, combined with post-operation pain, can extend the healing process.

Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on your stomach is also usually not recommended after surgery. For the same reasons as side sleeping, stomach sleeping can cause misalignment of the spine and other body discomforts, leading to increased recovery time. In some surgeries, sleeping on your stomach can cause blood to pool in the surgery area resulting in increased bruising and swelling.

Tips for Sleeping After Surgery

Our top plastic surgeons Delaware at Premier Cosmetic Surgery want the best results for patients, even after they leave the office. Here are a few tips for getting the best sleep after surgery:

  • Practice your sleep position before surgery
  • Sleep alone or away from others
  • Sleep in a recliner
  • Taking pain medication as directed
  • Create a welcoming environment

Practicing your sleep position, especially if you typically sleep on your side or stomach, can improve sleep post-surgery because it feels familiar. A recliner can assist in keeping you comfortable but still elevated, and a welcoming environment can help keep you comfortable and reduces stress on the body post-surgery.

Get The Best Sleep Possible with Tips from Plastic Surgery Delaware

Sleeping incorrectly after plastic surgery Delaware can strain areas of your body that should be relaxed, leading to a more uncomfortable recovery. After surgery, remember that sleep is equally as important to healing as anything else. Our doctors at Premier Cosmetic Surgery are hard at work, assuring our patients see the best results and the most comfortable recovery possible.