Picking the Best Chemical Peels for You

Girl apply chemical peel to face dr sabini plastic surgeon delaware

If you are looking to improve the look and feel of your skin, look no further. At Paul Sabini MD we have a solution for you, our chemical peels can treat fine lines, wrinkles, mild scars, sun damage, age spots, freckles and dark patches on your skin. So no matter if the area you wanted to be treated is on your face, chest, neck or hands, we’ve got you covered. At Paul Sabini MD we have five different types of peels to choose from, so keep reading to see if any appeal to you.



This chemical peel is one of our most effect light peels available. It helps treat mild to severe acne, discoloration, fine lines and sun damage. The Jessner’s peel can be customized for your skin type and desired results. To achieve the maximum benefits we recommend a series of 6 peels.

Gloss Peel

If you are looking for a painless way look no further than our Gloss peel. This peel is great for improving the appearance of sun damaged skin with very minimal downtime. At Paul Sabini we recommend three peels, one month apart, to achieve the most noticeable results. It takes around 30 minutes and after the procedure, we will give you a take-home skin care regimen to help prolong the benefits.

VI Peel

This peel helps improve the tone, texture, and clarity of skin, reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation, soften fine lines and wrinkles and clear acne conditions. And what makes this peel so great, it can be used on all skin types. We recommend at least two to four peels depending on the desired results you’d like to achieve. One to two days after this treatment, you will experience peeling which can last three to five days. Additionally, it is very important to remember to use sunscreen after these treatments to prevent any future sun damage.

TCA Peel

A TCA peel is considered a medium to deep chemical peel. This peel helps improve the appearance and texture of your skin and evens out your overall skin tone. After treatment, we recommend a one-week initial recovery, and most people experience pinkness for 4-6 weeks following the treatment.

Phenol Peel

This peel is the strongest of all the chemical peels. The Phenol peel is recommended for deep wrinkles usually around the mouth and chin area. You may experience discomfort and puffiness after the peel which can be controlled by medication. You may experience discomfort and puffiness after the peel which can be controlled by medication.  A few days after the treatment the skin will look like you had a sunburn, but this will fade to pink over time. Most people will wait until the fall and winter months to have this treatment because we recommend avoiding sun exposure after this peel.

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