Peel Away to a Healthier-Looking Face

Have you ever felt that aging and stress has taken its toll on your face? Do you often notice wrinkles and age spots on your face each time you look in the mirror? Do you want to have younger-looking skin without having to go under the knife? Then chemical peels can be a good solution for you.

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What can chemical peels do?

By applying a chemical solution to the face, this procedure allows the peeling of dead skin, allowing the body to replace it with a new and healthier one. Chemical peels are also done to:

  • Treat particular types of acne
  • Reduce fine lines usually found in the corners of the mouth and eyes
  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles caused by aging and sun exposure
  • Improve the look of mild scars
  • Reduce the number of freckles, age spots, and dark patches
  • Enhance the overall look and feel of the skin

How is a chemical peel done?

A chemical peel can be done in a doctor’s office as an outpatient procedure. Before the start of the procedure, your face will be cleansed thoroughly first. Chemical solutions, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or the likes, are then applied to small areas of your skin. Doing so will create a controlled wound, in which new skin is encouraged to surface.

Patients who have undergone the procedure usually report a burning sensation followed by a stinging feeling, but nothing that lasts for more than five to ten minutes. Your doctor will make sure you get as much comfort as possible throughout the procedure.

If you are interested in chemical peels and have smoother and younger-looking skin, give us a call at 302-998-8007 to schedule a consultation with our team of skin care experts. We look forward to hearing from you!