Eliminate Cellulite Fast With This Procedure

Cellulite is a very common, harmless condition in which your skin becomes lumpy and dimpled. This condition is mostly found on women’s hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. You can try to get rid of it with exercise and weight loss techniques, but most have had varied success. However, Premier Cosmetic Surgery has a new way to get rid of these stubborn fat deposits without plastic surgery Delaware.

QWO is the only injectable FDA-approved product that can minimize the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks. There are a lot of women who have this condition, and while it is natural and normal, it’s also okay to want smoother, firmer skin in these areas. QWO is a great way to get a cutting-edge cellulite treatment without the knife!


Like our plastic surgery Delaware and procedures, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Roussalis. Here, he will evaluate your concerns, medical history, and determine whether you’re a good candidate for QWO. Then, injections can be performed in the office and take about 10 minutes. The product is injected into the tissue below each area of cellulite in the buttocks region. In the prescribed series, two more treatments are included and performed three and six weeks from the initial injection.

Side Effects and Results

After the procedure, the patient might experience some side effects but are usually mild and temporary. The patient may notice swelling, bruising, itching, hardness, redness, soreness, and warmth in the areas of injection. Downtime is not required after this procedure, so you can get right back to your daily routine!

You can expect to see results from the procedure about 28 days after your last session. It may take up to 10 weeks for the final outcome to show, depending on the patient. The majority of patients who get all three treatments see smoother, firmer-looking skin and a reduction of dimpling.

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