Can You Handle Laser Resurfacing?

Today, there are more ways to rejuvenate the skin than we can count with our fingers. Laser technology has also provided its benefits to this field and has been widely accepted by many because of the promising results it gives. Laser resurfacing, for one, is a procedure that can effectively address fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.

But the question still remains: is laser resurfacing right for you?

Side view of female patient undergoing facial anti-aging procedure in beauty centre. Rejuvenating facial gas liquid treatment, close up. dr sabini plastic surgeon delaware laser resurfacing

Ideal Candidates for Laser Resurfacing 

Of course, those who want to reduce the appearance of their facial lines, pigmentation, and scars, especially skin blemishes that do not respond to gentler treatments, are ideal candidates for this procedure. Great results can also be expected by patients who have elastic and non-oily skin. It also helps if the individual is not prone to scarring in the case of a minor injury. It is important that interested patients consult Dr. Sabini to discuss any medical conditions, prescription medications taken, and other conditions that could put unnecessary risk during the day of treatment.

The Not-So-Good Candidates for Laser Skin Resurfacing

Those who only have minor imperfections in the skin may not be ideal candidates for the procedure. This treatment has been considered by many professionals as a surgical treatment and therefore is designed to treat more extensive skin blemishes. Furthermore, people with very dark skin complexion may not benefit well from laser resurfacing as the dark pigment can absorb more laser energy than what is needed, causing skin discoloration and, in more serious cases, even blistering. Those who do not benefit from the procedure can seek alternatives from Dr. Sabini’s clinic in Newark, DE.

Laser Resurfacing in Newark, DE 

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