Can Belly Fat Come Back After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

When you decide to undergo tummy tuck surgery, you of course want your tight tummy results to last forever. You may be wondering, can belly fat come back after a tummy tuck? There is no clear-cut answer because the truth is: it depends. The specialists at Premier Cosmetic Surgery are here to let you know more about the results of a tummy tuck and what you can do to prevent that pesky belly fat from coming back. 

What Is Tummy Tuck Surgery? 

For starters, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of what a tummy tuck is before deciding to move forward with this procedure. Most people know that one of the most stubborn areas of the body in terms of losing weight is the waistline, which is the exact area a tummy tuck tackles. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is meant to correct the damages caused by aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. The purpose of a tummy tuck is to remove excess abdominal fat and skin while tightening and flattening the abdomen. 

Are You A Tummy Tuck Candidate? 

If you have relentlessly tried to slim down your midsection using traditional weight-loss methods to no avail, then you could be a candidate for tummy tuck surgery. Patients that are considering getting a tummy tuck must be in overall good health and willing to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan before and after their procedure. Speaking of diet and exercise, this leads us to…

Can Belly Fat Come Back Post-Procedure?

At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, our wish is for all our patients’ results to be long-lasting and better than expected; however, this requires a certain level of commitment from patients post-procedure. Ultimately, tummy tuck results are meant to be permanent but will vary depending on a person’s lifestyle and habits. A patient getting pregnant again, growing older, or fluctuating in weight could cause the abdomen to stretch or loosen again. 

How To Prevent Belly Fat Post-Procedure 

First things first, if you aren’t done having children, wait to get a tummy tuck until you are done. Tummy tuck surgery flattens your stomach, so it would be counterintuitive to have it stretched out again in the future due to pregnancy. Also, we have found that patients who practice a healthy diet and consistent exercise plan post-surgery typically benefit from long-lasting results. 

Premier Cosmetic Surgery | Newark, DE 

Our mission at Premier Cosmetic Surgery is for our work to make a difference in the quality of life for all our patients. We want all our patients to experience increased confidence post-procedure and be proud of their results permanently. The bottom line is that tummy tuck surgery cannot prevent weight gain in the future, and it is ultimately up to the patient to maintain their results over time. To work with the best cosmetic surgeons in the Delaware area, contact Premier Cosmetic Surgery today!