Bring Back Your Youthful Face with Cheek Implants

More and more of our patients in Newark have found a haven in cheek implants. Aging and stress can take their toll on your face, forming fine lines and wrinkles and hollowing out facial parts – usually in the cheeks! While having hollowed cheeks can be a thing for catwalk models, thin or sunken cheeks can definitely rid away the beauty of your face and make you look much older than you actually are.

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Cheek Implants for a Younger You!

Cheek augmentation with the use of cheek implants is the perfect cosmetic solution that you could give a try. Having been used in the cosmetic field since 1956, cheek implants are proven safe and effective for the enhancement of poorly-contoured cheeks. They come in different shapes and sizes or could be custom-shaped to fit your facial structure perfectly.

Cheek implants may be made from silicone, which does not integrate with tissue, enabling it to be easily removed someday. There are also other types of cheek implants like hydroxyapatite implants that are able to integrate with natural bone tissue and later on become part of the structure of the cheek.

Cheek Implants in Newark

Cheek augmentations can be done in conjunction with other facial cosmetic surgeries such as a brow lift, an eyelid lift, a facelift, or a rhinoplasty to achieve a more satisfying result. You may consult Dr. Sabini to know more about your facial cosmetic options. Request an appointment with Dr. Sabini today by calling 302-998-8007. We would love to hear from you!