Body Positivity and Plastic Surgery

“Body positivity” has become a hot topic. Last year Google determined that the term “body positivity” was one of the most searched terms in the world! The movement has made many people question whether one can truly be body positive if they are looking into cosmetic surgery near me. Here at Premier Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgeon Wilmington DE, we believe the two are not mutually exclusive! Let us explain how our services can help lead to a better, more positive outlook on your body and your life.

What is Body Positivity?

With roots as far back as the 1960s, the body positivity movement is a movement that believes that everyone should feel confident in their bodies. Much of the discourse surrounding the topic leans towards the idea that surgical and non-surgical treatments are harmful and not aligned with the movement. However, we believe that if changing your body does not harm your physical health and brings you happiness, who’s to say that isn’t body positive?

How can cosmetic surgery help me become more body positive this summer?

At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, our plastic surgeon Wilmington DE have an array of procedures catering to nearly any area of the body. Here are some of our most popular procedures for the spring and summer season!

  1. Buttock Lift-the popular phrase, ”Sun’s Out, Bun’s Out,” couldn’t be more true. As it heats up, people are ready to hit the beaches and pools-and that means swimsuits! Whether you’ve lost weight or have always lacked lift, by removing excess skin and fat and tightening up the remainder, our buttock lift will have your bikini bottom ready in no time.
  2. Breast Augmentation-One of the most popular procedures today, breast augmentation can do wonders for body confidence. Using your choice of saline or silicone, as well as our additional fat-grafting methods, we can help you fill out those lower-cut tops and bikini tops that come with this season.
  3. Coolsculpting-an FDA-cleared and non-invasive, this procedure is exactly what it sounds like. Our all-over body contouring uses a cooling system that not only targets fat under the skin but keeps it at bay. Coolsculpting is the perfect option for those that would like to slim down for summer, but aren’t ready to sign up for surgery.

Body Positivity and Premier Cosmetic Surgery | Plastic Surgeon Wilmington DE

Everyone deserves to experience body positivity. Ready to look AND feel your best this summer? Contact us to see what our plastic surgeon Wilmington DE can do for you. Want to hear how our services have changed lives and created more body positivity in our clients? Take a look at what our clients are saying by clicking here.