Aftercare for Lip Fillers

Maybe you’ve been a lifetime smoker, you’ve noticed the signs of aging, or you simply weren’t blessed with the genetics for them. Whatever the case may be, you’re probably reading this because you feel your lips are on the thinner side and are looking for cosmetic surgery near me. Fortunately, there’s a way to change that! At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, our lip augmentation services can make your lips look more voluminous. However, when preparing to undergo this procedure, you may want to research what the recovery process might be like. Our plastic surgeon Delaware discusses tips and tricks for lip filler aftercare.

What to do After a Lip Augmentation

  1. Stay Hydrated-Although you should always make sure to be drinking enough water during the day, it’s especially important to drink water after getting lip fillers. Some fillers like Juvederm, work in tandem with the water you have stored in your tissues. Drinking even more water than normal can help your filler work to the best of its ability, staying fresher longer.
  2. Ice, Ice, Baby-After your procedure, you’re going to have some swelling. You may also experience some soreness and itching. Applying ice wrapped in a thin cloth in five to ten-minute increments can help keep your swelling and pain to a minimum. Make sure to never apply the ice directly to your lips or leave your ice pack on your lips for longer than 15 minutes.
  3. Eat Healthy-As with drinking water, you should always aim to eat healthily. However, after surgery eating well is as important as eating balanced meals can help you get the nutrients you need to recover faster. If you find you’re having a hard time eating after your surgery, try supplementing your diet with nutritional shakes like Ensure.
  4. Tylenol-Your physician may give you prescription medications, but typically over the counter medications like Tylenol will do the job. However, remember that drugs like Motrin and Ibuprofen should not be taken as they can cause an uptick in bruising and swelling.
  5. Always Ask-Make sure you’re following the instructions your surgeon has provided for you. If you find yourself unclear about something, or if you have another question pop up, our plastic surgeon Delaware is always just a phone call away!

What to Avoid

  1. Alcohol and Other Blood Thinners-you should avoid alcohol and other blood thinning medication or herbs for a few days after, and even up to a week before, your procedure. Although any blood from the injection site should be minimal, being on a blood thinner could cause you to bleed more than usual. Blood thinners can also increase bruising and swelling, which can prevent you from healing as fast as you should.
  2. Strenuous Exercise-in order to avoid excess swelling and bruising, avoid any exercise that is too taxing for the next 48 hours after surgery. Walking or very light yoga may be beneficial, however.
  3. Sodium-You may have heard that high intakes of sodium can cause facial swelling-this is true! Keeping your sodium intake in check during the days following your surgery can help decrease your chances of any extra swelling.
  4. Sleeping On Your Face-This may be one of the most important things to avoid post-op. Sleeping on your face or side puts significant pressure on your lips, which can cause the filler to migrate. If the filler migrates enough in your sleep, it can make your lips look misshapen, undoing your progress. You’ll want to sleep on your back for up to a week following your procedure.
  5. Hot Food and Drink-When you think of surgery foods, you may think of ice cold drinks or piping hot soups. With lip fillers, very hot food and drinks are the last things you should reach for! This is due to the risk of burning your now very sensitive lips. Try to drink lukewarm or cool foods and drinks during the days following your procedure.
  6. Smoking and Straws-Both smoking and straws mean pursing your lips. Not only may this be difficult to do due to the numbing sensation you’ll feel after your surgery, but it can also cause your filler to merge together towards the middle of your lips. Smoking may also cause more serious issues like vasoconstriction. Take a break from using cigarettes and straws for at least a week after getting lip fillers.
  7. Makeup-In order to keep the area clean and free of possible irritants, it’s recommended you wait at least 24 hours after your surgery before applying any makeup on or around your lips. This includes lip balm!

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