3 Tips for Lasting Results From Your Surgery

As you prepare for surgery, you may be wondering…what happens after surgery? How can you be sure your results will stay? At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgeon Delaware, we know the uncertainty can be unnerving. You’ve paid good money for life-changing surgery, so it’s important that your results be lasting. Here are three tips on how to maintain lasting results from your cosmetic surgery near me.

1. Listen to Your Physician

This might go without saying, but believe it or not, your physician knows best! It’s important to abide by any and all rules your plastic surgeon Delaware has given you following your surgery. Once you’re discharged, you’ll be given a pamphlet with post-operative instructions. These instructions will often include information on medication dosage, any dietary restrictions, as well as any possible physical limitations. Abiding by these rules will keep you on track to heal quickly and in turn on track to reap the best aesthetic results from your cosmetic surgery near me.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Infection

Although it’s common to have swelling, soreness-and even pain-after surgery, if you find that these symptoms persist or worsen, it’s time to talk to your plastic surgeon Delaware. Another key symptom to look out for is yellow, white, or green-hued drainage coming from your incisions. If you are developing an infection you may also experience excessive redness and warmth around the area. Fever with or without chills is another dead giveaway you may have an infection. If you experience any of the above symptoms, you’ll need to contact your surgeon’s office right away. Although you may experience itching that will tempt you to scratch at the surgical site, try your best not to succumb to the urge. The best way to keep infection away is to keep your hands away!

3. Make Some Moves

When it comes to cosmetic surgery near me, your plastic surgeon Delaware will likely tell you movement is one of the best medicines to help aid in recovery. Although rest during the first few days after a procedure is important, getting up and doing some light movement is vital. Something as simple as getting some leisurely laps around your home will do wonders for your body post-op.

Premier Cosmetic Surgery | Plastic Surgeon Delaware

Having a long list of rules to follow right after surgery is often the last thing many patients want to deal with, but abiding by them will give you a much better chance at lasting results from your cosmetic surgery near me. For more tips and tricks from Premier Cosmetic Surgery Delaware, check out our blog over at Insights. Ready to start a journey to a new you? Premier Cosmetic Surgery, plastic surgeon Delaware, is here to help. Take the first step in your transformation journey by contacting us today.