Must-Try Treatments For A Summer Bod

Summer is in full swing! At this time of year, your social media feed is likely full of family photos and friends on the beach in bikinis. Seeing photos of others feeling confident in their bodies can sometimes trigger us into thinking about parts of our bodies we’d like to stop covering up. If you’re like many people who have tried diets and exercises to no avail, not seeing the results you were hoping for can be frustrating. Fortunately, there’s still a solution! At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, cosmetic surgery near me, we have a variety of procedures to help get a summer body that is camera-ready.

Tummy Tuck

Perhaps one of the most obvious procedures to consider for swimsuit season, the tummy tuck may be of interest to you if you’re looking to slim down around your middle. During this procedure, we’ll make a horizontal incision below the belly button but just above the pubic bone. We’ll then remove the excess skin and fat while tightening any abdominal muscles that may be loose. This helps everything retain its shape! We’ll carefully and strategically drape this over your newly designed abdomen, adjusting the belly button to a better position if needed. Although you’ll be able to return home as soon as your anesthesia has worn off, bed rest is required for up to three days after your procedure. Major abdominal surgeries, rapid weight gain, or pregnancy can alter your results, otherwise, Tummy Tucks will be largely permanent. The best candidates are those who have tried traditional weight loss methods with no results, so it’s best to consult your doctor before trying a tuck or other abdominal cosmetic surgery near me.

Breast Lift

Bikinis can be unforgiving, especially when it comes to the chest. Sagging breasts can not only make it hard to fit into your favorite swimsuit or summer top, they can often age you by years! A breast lift can restore or relocate your breasts to a better position to help with your overall body proportions. This procedure is done under general anesthesia and typically involves three incisions, one around the areola, one just underneath it, and one in the crease of the breast. Recovery will likely last a week, and it’s best to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions on post-surgical care. Final results tend to show up around the six-week mark but can take up to the full twelve. At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, best plastic surgeon Delaware, we’d like to remind clients that breast lifts do not enlarge the breasts, they simply move them into a higher position. This cosmetic surgery near me procedure should only be considered if you are not planning to lose a large amount of weight and are finished with having, or choosing not to have, children.

Buttock Lift

If you often find yourself choosing long pants over shorts, or forcing yourself into shorts on the beach rather than let your behind breathe, a buttock lift might be beneficial. There are three main types, the traditional, the well-known Brazilian, and the implant butt lift. A traditional buttock lift won’t change the size, but simply the shape. A Brazilian buttock lift can alter your shape and your size. This is usually done by grafting fat from an area of the body you wish to minimize and adding it to your buttocks. Finally, the implant route is simply the addition of implants to the buttocks. This option is usually for those who wish to have a larger derriere, but don’t have the excess fat needed for a Brazilian. Depending on the route taken, our top plastic surgeons in Delaware want you to know you’ll need to make sure to take ten days to three weeks off from work to rest. Although results are meant to be permanent, you’ll need to make sure to eat well and exercise to avoid any weight fluctuations that could affect the path to lasting results.

Arm Lift

Ask any woman to point out one of her biggest problem areas, and you might get a surprising answer. The upper arm is unfortunately one of the areas in the female body that tends to store fat. Often called batwings, this accumulation of fat between the elbow and shoulder can be a nuisance, especially during the summer months. For this cosmetic surgery near me, your physician will most likely make an incision on the back of your arm and remove any excess skin or fat contributing to your sagging. One of the highlights of the arm lift is that your results will be visible almost immediately, although they may be slightly obscured by some bruising. Like any of the previously mentioned procedures, your results will be lasting as long as you continue to eat well and exercise.

Laser Hair Removal

One of the most trying tasks many people face during the summer is keeping everything smooth. Shaving only cuts the hair so close, using a hair removal cream can give you chemical burns, and waxing isn’t for the faint of heart. Laser hair removal is often quick, painless, and leaves you hairless for longer. Although most use this procedure for the bikini line and underarm area, other parts of the body can be treated as long as the hair is brown or black. Although it will take several sessions to get the best results, after a few rounds, you’ll be silky smooth for weeks!

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Are you tired of feeling fidgety in a bathing suit? Tired of covering up when a camera comes out? Our plastic surgeons can help. At Premier Cosmetic Surgery, cosmetic surgery near me, we believe you deserve to feel as beautiful on the outside as you are inside. Our board-certified physicians have decades of experience and expertise. Whether you’re concerned about one particular area or several, our practice can provide you with a wide variety of safe and effective procedures. Get the beach body of your dreams this summer with Premier Cosmetics, best plastic surgeons in Delaware. Contact us today for your consultation!