Moisturize Me! What You Need to Know

If you’ve watched the British TV show Doctor Who and have seen the season with the 9th Doctor, you are probably familiar with the futuristic Lady Cassandra. Having been a woman at one point, she underwent so many plastic surgeries that now she is essentially just a conscious piece of skin stretched tight with a tiny nose, two eyes, and puckery lips. Her catchphrase is “Moisturize me!” as (with no hands) she can’t do it herself.

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But although she might not actually by physically possible, Lady Cassandra knows what she is talking about. Moisturizing is one of the most important things you can do to your face—especially since the skin is very thin and stretched taught, just like her character’s. So how can you keep your skin nice and moist? What do you need to know about the daily skin care step?

How Does Your Skin Feel?
The most important thing is that you should be using a moisturizer that matches your skin type. Examine your skin (how it looks and feels) at the end of the day, after it’s been through your workout, collecting dirt, and everything. How does your T zone feel in these conditions? Look for a moisturizer that fits how you skin is at the end of the day, whether that is normal, oily, dry, or combination.

More Than Just Moisturizer
Interestingly enough, moisturizing your face is more than just using moisturizer. Even though moisturizer is important, there are a lot of other steps that will help prevent your skin from drying out. Look for a product (whether it is lotion, moisturizer, or ointment) that is made especially for cold and dry weather. These products will usually add an extra layer of protection for the skin. So while your moisturizer may just soak in, other products will both sink into your skin and also set a layer on top for added protection.

Do not exfoliate, either. Although exfoliation can be good in moderation, if you are worried about drying out your skin, take a break. Rubbing off that extra layer of skin will often cause the lower, unprotected layers to dry out. You should also be wearing sunscreen all the time as sun damage can severely dry out your skin.