Get Those Perfect Apple Cheeks You Always Wanted With Cheek Implants

Your body will never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to get it just the way you like it. And one of the great things is that you don’t have to conform to fit anyone’s standard but your own. Just think of all the celebrities who have gotten some sort of plastic surgery. Many of them look worse than before—even terrifying. But many of them, despite how society at large thinks they look, are much more comfortable in their new skin than they were in the old. Maybe they’re not as skinny as they once were, but they now have the lips and the nose you always wanted. And now you can do the same with your cheekbones. Make them high and strong and project confidence!

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Pick a Model
One of the best ways to have a successful plastic surgery is to pick a model that you can show your surgeon to say “I want to look like this.” While they won’t be able to give you Benedict Cumberbatch or Katharine Hepburn’s beautiful cheekbones, they will see the style you like and then alter that to best meet your personal face shape and symmetry.

In general, there are three general shapes for cheek implants.

  • Malar. The most common shape, these are inserted right onto the cheekbone directly. This gives them extra height so that they project out and give your face a steeper contour.
  • Submalar. These are used to change the middle of the face, such as filling in sunken cheeks.
  • Combined. A combined form mixes both of the types, resting on and altering the cheekbones themselves but then extending down into the rest of the face.

Your surgeon will help you decide which one will be best at giving you the look you want.

The Implants Themselves
The implants are usually made from solid silicone. This is very different from the moldable and malleable silicone that is used in breast implants. This is like the bone and tissues in your cheek. Another popular option is Gore-Tex, or a type of polyethylene. Both of these materials are good at integrating into the body as tissue (but bone is less successful).

Even if they’re made of silicone, you get follow your dreams for new cheekbones today.