Don’t Be a Scar Face

Dermatology is all about keeping your skin beautiful and healthy. But if you have a noticeable scar on your face, it can seriously inhibit these goals. Because of this, Dr. Sabini offers scar revision procedures to help you feel confident about your skin.

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The Goals of Scar Revision
Scars mar the texture and tone of your skin. But, unlike with other blemishes, people usually just accept them. They are permanent. They are unavoidable. They are unpredictable. All of these are excuses people use in defense of their scars. However, if you don’t want your scar anymore, that is more than fine. And there is something you can do. This is where scar revision comes into the picture.

Although it cannot completely eradicate the scar, scar revision can help minimize it and its effect. Whether the scar is raised or goes down in the skin, scar revision can help. If it’s lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, scar revision fixes that too.

The Revision Process
This happens either through surgery, dermabrasion, or lasers. The exact treatment will be determined by you and your doctor after consulting about the size, depth, and location of the scar, especially in consideration of your personal, desired outcome. Usually the initial treatment is surgical. Then, after the area is healed, your doctor or dermatologist will perform another “lighter” procedure (such as microdermabrasion or laser or light therapy) to help resurface the skin.

No matter what treatment (or stages of treatment) you and your doctor decide on, it will most likely be minimally invasive. And it will be much more effective than trying to simply cover up your scars with makeup or a tough front.

No matter your motivation, you deserve to have scar-free skin. Perhaps your scars remind you of a painful accident and the deeper psychological or emotional scars. Maybe the scar actually interferes with your body’s proper functions. Even if you just want to look better, you put your trust in Dr. Paul Sabini. He can help you with scar revision today or whenever you need. Come consult with him today!