Why You Need Chin Augmentation

Being contented with what you have is virtuous, but a leap towards improving one’s appearance works not only in boosting self-confidence but also getting better opportunities. Studies show that physical appearance, from weight to hair color and most especially facial structure, affects paychecks. There is always a remedy for everything now—liposuction for a better figure, rhinoplasty for an attractive nose, and many others. However, we often overlook the importance of a defined chin to improve facial balance and overall facial profile.

woman smiling dr sabini chin augmentation plastic surgery delaware

To enhance a weak chin, Dr. Sabini performs chin augmentation in Newark.  The procedure improves facial balance by inserting an implant through a small incision under the chin.

Chin augmentation is often advised to be done when one gets a rhinoplasty as it plays a big part in improving facial harmony. The surgery is quick and usually takes 30 minutes.  The tightness around the jaw gradually fades after a week and one should be able to go back to work 7-10 days after surgery. It must be noted though that strenuous activities should be avoided until full recovery.

Like any other procedure, there is the chance of side effects after chin augmentation.  However, there is nothing to be wary about because the surgeon will check your medical history before the procedure in order to determine if you are a good candidate or not. The usual complications include swelling, hematoma, and numbness of the lower lip, but these are only temporary. Rare risks include infection and bony changes and displacement of the implant. This is precisely why you should only choose a reliable and experienced surgeon to do your chin augmentation.

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