Are Chin Implants Worth It?

Do you have any issues with your facial appearance? How about your chin, in particular? Facial implants are designed to enhance facial contours such as adding definition to the jawline or improving overall facial balance. Chin implants are recommended for those who wish to alter the size and shape of their chin.

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Regardless of your age, this implant will bring better balance to the features of your face. For example, one patient may want her chin moved forward and her nose reshaped to achieve facial harmony, while another patient may want to place the implants over the cheekbones and add a little on her chin to make her look younger. If you have a “sunken” or tired look, a chin implant may be right for you.

Although the changes brought by chin implants are remarkable, you need to consider the risks involved in the procedure. A second surgery may be needed if the chin implant is slightly out of alignment. As with any procedure, there is also a risk of infection. In case of an infection, the implant may have to be removed temporarily and be replaced at a later time.

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